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DocuSign CFO Mike Dinsdale Discusses Closing the Books Faster and the Importance of Automation

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 26, 2015 3:50:31 PM

Dinsdale_HeadshotWith the release of Robert Half’s sixth Benchmarking the Accounting and Finance Function report on the horizon this spring, we sat down with Mike Dinsdale, the CFO of San Francisco- and Seattle-based DocuSign Inc. to find out how some of the top trends in the annual study apply to his business.

DocuSign offers the ability to securely sign and manage documents online from any device via e-signature, and Mike was a contributor to the most recent Benchmarking report. He’s also an avid techie fascinated by how new devices and technologies act to shape our ever-changing world and has a successful track record of guiding companies in hyper-growth.

He offered insights on how his company is closing the books faster and managing account reconciliation, as well as his thoughts on how outsourcing plays into the increased complexity of doing business today.

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Revenue Recognition Transition: The People Factor

Posted by Steve Hobbs on Feb 25, 2015 10:32:40 AM

Steve-Hobs-ProtivitiNew FASB revenue recognition standards may not become official until 2017, but the clock is ticking, and there is a lot of prep work to be done. Protiviti has teamed with Financial Executives International (FEI) to provide a series of webinars on this critical transition and how it affects various aspects of corporate infrastructure. I would encourage you to attend as many as you can, or at least watch the archived segments.

In the interest of raising awareness, we will be touching on some of the issues here, although, again, this issue is complex enough that I would also strongly recommend the more detailed examination, and supporting documentation, provided in the webinars.

Protiviti’s proprietary Six Elements of Infrastructure Model is a useful tool for the earliest stage of this transition, which involves analyzing the scope of the new rule’s impact. Each of the Protiviti/FEI webinars explores a different infrastructure element.

The first webinar, held Nov. 20, focused on Policy. The second one, Jan. 20, focused on People, a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Robert Half.

Topics: Management Advice, Industry Trends, Compliance, Protiviti, Financial Executives International, Staff Management, Revenue Recognition

Regulatory Compliance Jobs: 4 Hot Trends

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 23, 2015 4:28:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-regulatory-compliance-jobsMost financial executives expect today’s rigorous compliance demands to intensify. That makes regulatory compliance jobs red hot right now. 

Here are four hot trends to keep in mind about compliance careers:

1: Regulatory compliance is growing.

Achieving compliance is increasingly challenging, as companies face stringent business mandates, regulatory issues and escalating enforcement. A Robert Half Management Resources survey of CFOs found 59 percent of firms are responding by providing more training for their teams, and 57 percent are increasing employees’ workloads to address these challenges.

But adding work for existing staff can go only so far. Many companies are also realizing they need more highly skilled compliance professionals.

Topics: Salary Guide, Industry Trends, Compliance, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Compensation, Hiring Trends

CFOs See Benefits of Granting Staff More Autonomy

Posted by Michael Weiss on Feb 19, 2015 4:39:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-CFOs-productivity-employee-autonomyAccording to the oft-spoken adage, “’Tis better to give than receive.” But recent research suggests when the gift is employee autonomy, executives can have the best of both worlds.

In the Robert Half Management Resources survey, 32 percent of CFOs said their productivity would increase if they gave their team greater autonomy. Just 13 percent of respondents feared a decrease.

Topics: Management Advice, Leadership, Paul McDonald, Staff Management, Productivity

5 Ways to Incorporate Oscars-Style Employee Recognition Into Your Staff Management

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 18, 2015 4:33:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-Oscars-employee-recognitionOscar season is here. Amidst the decked-out celebrities on the red carpet and the jokes of Neil Patrick Harris, it’s easy to overlook the real reason for the awards: to recognize and reward the accomplishments of peers.

For the film industry, Oscar nominations are a career goal for which professionals strive. Similarly, the best financial executives incorporate an employee recognition program into their staffing management plan.

Here are five Oscars-inspired ideas for recognizing and rewarding your accounting and finance teams.

Topics: Management Advice, Oscars, Staff Management, Employee Recognition, Neil Patrick Harris

The IT Audit: Getting the Process Started

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 17, 2015 3:52:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-starting-IT-audit-processRising cybersecurity concerns — and the fact that, according to research by Protiviti, almost two out of three organizations are undergoing a major IT transformation — help underscore the value of conducting an IT audit. But many organizations fail to perform these assessments as often or as thoroughly as they should — usually because they lack sufficient internal resources. The fourth annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey from Protiviti and ISACA found staffing IT audits is a top challenge for organizations today.

Topics: Management Advice, Industry Trends, Audit, Protiviti, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Information Technology, IT Audit, ISACA

How Financial Executives Can Encourage Their Teams to Love Their Jobs

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 12, 2015 2:39:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-encouraging-teams-love-their-jobsThe Beatles' timeless lyric “Money can’t buy me love” holds true not only for romantic relationships, but professional ones as well. Although accounting and finance jobs often offer attractive salaries, it takes more than money for employees to truly love their work.

Financial executives struggling with team motivation and morale need to look beyond paychecks and find new, creative ways to reinvigorate their staff. Here are tips to help financial executives ignite employees’ passion for their jobs.

Topics: Management Advice, Leadership, Staff Management, The Beatles

Networking at the Top: 7 Tips for Current and Aspiring CFOs

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 11, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-networking-tips-CFOsThe importance of networking is no secret to any accounting and finance professional – particularly those who have already made their way up the ladder. But brushing up on networking skills is never a bad idea, even for experienced finance managers and chief financial officers.

Here are seven tips to help expand your network and make the most out of your connections.

Topics: Career Advice, Networking, Paul McDonald, CFOs

4 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Finance Teams

Posted by Robert Half Management Resources on Feb 9, 2015 4:14:00 PM

Robert-Half-Management-Resources-blog-benefits-cloud-computing-financeThe rewards of cloud computing range from cost savings to greater flexibility to enhanced performance. Despite the benefits, however, many organizations still haven’t adopted this increasingly popular technology. 

According to Benchmarking the Accounting & Finance Function from Robert Half and Financial Executives Research Foundation, only 7 percent of U.S. companies rely on cloud-based or software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications as their primary financial system.

If you’re hesitant to make the move to the cloud, consider these four benefits of cloud computing.

Topics: Business Systems, Financial Systems, Cloud Computing, Benchmarking, Financial Executives Research Foundation, Information Technology

Innovation and Change Management Go Hand in Hand

Posted by Lisa Fulmer on Feb 5, 2015 12:52:56 PM

We all know how important innovation is in business. Whether you’re managing a project or managing a company, innovation drives success—and it also drives change.


As a consultant, you may be expected to generate and implement innovative ideas for your client. Once you’ve sold them on your creative solution to their problem, how will you know if they are prepared to manage the change that comes along with it? Here are a few key indicators that a company is fostering a culture for effective change management:

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